NOVEMBER 16th 2015 : Dublin Book Festival: Sunday November 15th

I have recently developed a taste for peanut butter and grapes, swimming with sunglasses and having sensible chats with wood pigeons about the state of renewable forests in Ireland.


I have always had a pencil and sketchbook in hand to jot down ideas and record very important historical moments. A recent historical moment worth noting was when wee Daisy flew past the local sweet shop on her new scooter! She was very fast.


Currently, I am trying to re-arrange my studio which has been invaded by a squad of little cavorting beasties. They started arriving about a year ago and once the first got comfortable, it face timed all its friends who have now made my studio their new home.


These beasties are having a terrible habit of interrupting me while I am trying to work so I am presently in negotiations with them regarding issues such as respect for personal space and time management.


When I resolve these issues I will keep you posted on my work.

I am very lucky to have been invited to present a workshop in the Smock Alley Theatre on Sunday the 15th of November to help launch my new book:

"Cúraille i gCeannas"  ( Rilla Takes Charge)

I am really looking forward to this as it will give me the opportunity to work with some creative types in the creation of more little scary Beasties!


Be warned, balloons may be involved!