NOVEMBER 17th 2015 : Dublin Book Festival : Smock Alley Theatre

 How am I going to put the pieces together?

How am I going to put the pieces together?

The good people of the Dublin Book Festival were very kind to invite me to give a workshop in the Winter Garden in the Smock Alley Theatre yesterday. I have to say they were very thorough to ensure that they had all my accommodation arranged!  Thanks!

I would particularly like to thank Lisa Scanlon Elaina Ryan and Julianne Mooney for organising this event.

There was a real buzz about the hall not only due to the events taking place upstairs but also because Eoin Colfer was giving a talk in the theatre downstairs.

We had a healthy turnout of parents and children who were very keen to construct the little beasties from the templates I had prepared in advance.

The workshop lasted for one hour before everyone was given the opportunity to blow up their own Helium balloon onto which they could place their little beastie!

Of course there were a couple of balloons that managed to evade the grips of some of the children so I have to apologise to the organisers for any balloons that now reside on the high hall ceiling with no immediate hope of retrieval!