Andrew Whitson: Making artwork for traditional picture books, e-Books and Book Apps.

A personal journey exploring the nature of creating picture books

Since a very young age I can only remember wanting to copy images from books and objects from life, render them in whatever medium was at hand and then show the results to my parents in the hope that they would praise my efforts. Today as I still attempt to master my art, nothing has changed except perhaps the extent of my audience.
As I begin to explore the possibilities of these new and exciting technological advances, it is no longer enough for me to just consider how images marry with text in a hard copy printed and bound volume. Instead I am required to think what medium I will be presenting my ideas through and in turn these decisions now inform my practice. My books are published by a Belfast based publishing house called:
Over the years I have spent much of my life thinking practicing and going through the sheer hard work that is required in order to present my work. I do not see this work as illustration but rather an exploration of the most exciting way I can think of to present ideas in a book format. Now, with the introduction of new technologies which appear to be evolving at such a rapid rate, the skills required to complete this self imposed discipline are becoming multiplied.

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